Astana Business Campus

Innovative science and business platform.

Astana Business Campus

Astana Business Campus, LLP is a company that was established with the aim to create an innovative business and science platform as a part of Nazarbayev University group in capital city Astana, Kazakhstan.

The main current activities of the Company are:

We see ourselves as a key partner in the further development of Nazarbayev University group in the field of creating and maintaining infrastructure and services to strengthen the productive ties of education and science with business and technology, implementing Step 63 of the Plan of the Nation “100 Concrete Steps”.

The "Astana Business Campus" of Nazarbayev University will host scientific centers and laboratories for joint research and development projects, as well as their further commercialization. For the implementation of specific production projects, the park of innovative technologies will attract local and foreign high-tech companies.

We support projects with consulting and finance, we are involved in highly profitable, infrastructure and digital businesses together with local and leading foreign companies that are doing innovative business.

The company, in order to realize the vision, will contribute to strengthening productive ties between business, science and technology on the connected platform "Nazarbayev University - a highly developed soft infrastructure of the Astana Business Campus of Nazarbayev University - Social Development Fund" for a significant large-scale mutual influence of representatives of business, science and technology on practical solutions , values, benefits, competitiveness and results of business, science, technology and education in Kazakhstan.

The company deinvests low profit businesses, and identifies and focuses on high profit businesses.

The company consults, issues grant, invests, participates in local and foreign companies, for which it also creates subsidiaries, including in the Astana International Financial Center, Nur-Sultan city, as well as in Almaty and abroad, in order to reduce individual risks of negative results and specialize in activities.

The company develops and implements digital solutions for the creation and development of science-intensive and high-tech businesses.

The company commissions construction and manages real estate, including sales and rentals.


A knowledge-intensive economy is a value for our company, it serves as a driver of sustainable economic growth in Kazakhstan in the long term, and its formation is indicated in the Plan of the Nation "100 Concrete Steps", Step 63, in which the "Astana Business Campus" of Nazarbayev University is assigned the role of hosting R&D hub.


A market-based approach to the development of strengthening the productive links between education and science, business and technology is a value for our company, it gives us the opportunity for financial self-sufficiency and organic growth through rental payments and the provision of paid services.


Mutually beneficial cooperation of digital, high-tech and R&D intensive companies, including with the Nazarbayev University group, other scientific groups, is the value of the company as a key success factor for the innovation hub.


Cooperation with the Social Development Fund and Nazarbayev University is a value; it allows all stakeholders to benefit from their synergy.


Transparency, openness, commitment to innovation, digitalization of activities, growth of own competencies, brands JAS VENTURES, Astana Business Campus, high quality of the delivered result for consumers, professionalism, adherence to international standards and creation of intellectual property in the area of the company's distinctive competencies and priority activities of residents , long-term financial stability and growth are the intrinsic values of our company.


Astana Business Campus

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