Jas Ventures Middle East

Jas Ventures Middle East – FZE (“JVME” or the “Company”) is a newly established company based in Dubai.

The Company’s main objective is to rank among the best and become a world-class showcase of sustainable and profitable consulting companies in UAE. We are aiming to build a bridge between Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Middle East.

About us

Our approach is to partner with visionary founders to build enduring companies and support them by bringing expertise, resources and capital.  As well as to advise companies from oil and gas, finance and technology sectors who consider UAE and CIS as promising directions to invest, cooperate and realize ideas.

Our company is a subsidiary of Astana Business Campus LLP (“ABC” or the “Parent Company”) an experienced developer, owner and operator of large-scale sustainable projects in Kazakhstan. The Company has a proven track record leading socially responsible projects that bring significant economic benefits for Kazakhstan, while providing compelling returns for investors. The Parent Company’s management team has an extensive expertise in various business aspects. Today ABC`s mission is to attract and/or implement innovative projects focused on technology transfer, development of an intellectual and innovative cluster, creation of new or improvement of existing production facilities, technologies, goods, works and services.

Mission and services

The mission of Jas Ventures Middle East is to provide quality services to its clients that will help them to prosper and grow. The main services are:

Our service embraces planning, organizing and project managing activities required to complete projects with desired goals.

Management advising enables companies to improve their performance by considering research based external professional viewpoint and consultants’ specific expertise which usually cannot be afforded by internal resources.

Our team of high professionals has long years of experience in screening and evaluating investment opportunities, studying investment ideas and developing the adequate feasibility studies and valuation models that back up investment recommendations.

We aim to assist CIS entrepreneurs and founders giving ultimate in-depth industry knowledge, insights starting business and expanding in UAE market on the one hand and providing wide range of support for the UAE companies to set up and succeed in CIS region on the other. Our advisors work with us on per-project basis based on their specific area of expertise.

Management services or advising on investment portfolios or individual assets are aimed to help our clients to achieve desired financial goals.

We also provide our clients Intellectual property rights management by developing a strategy for managing a company’s intellectual property portfolio. It covers the intellectual property rights such as patent, trademark protection, design protection, and copyright.

We assist our clients and startups on all stages of setting up a business in Dubai.

We are open to dive into new investment opportunities in an early stages run by talented entrepreneurs from CIS region with unique value propositions for UAE market.

Besides providing funding, we can also help in shaping and optimising an investment proposal by sharing experience and expertise in all phases and areas of structuring and raising a venture capital fund.